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WhatsApp is writing a custom message for large enterprises

BENGALURU: After recently launching a mobile app for small businesses, WhatsApp is preparing to add several new features for large enterprises, including customer support and possibly merchant payments as well, according to people familiar with the developments. WhatsApp, which last month introduced a peer-to-peer payments feature on its messaging app, […]

WhatsApp may be in trouble: 7 things to know

WhatsApp may be in trouble: 7 things to know BlackBerry is back in the news. Not for its smartphones but for suing Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for “patent infringement”. The social media giant has been accused by the smartphone company for using technology in its popular instant messaging applications. Here’s […]

Smartphone tech most damaging to environment: Study

TORONTO: Smartphones and data centres will be the most damaging information and communications technologies to the environment by 2040, a study has found. Researchers from the McMaster University in Canada studied the carbon footprint of consumer devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops as well as data centres and communication […]