Day: June 10, 2019

All you need to know about virtual credit cards

Credit cards have become a popular cashless payment method because of the convenience they offer, especially for online transactions. Though making online transactions using credit cards is convenient, card details are shared with merchant sites which might put the user’s card information at risk of being compromised. And, this is […]

Why this new Bill in the US can be a blessing for Indian students

Four US Democratic Party senators have introduced a bill which would exempt international students with advanced STEM degrees from American universities from the restrictive per-country green card caps. The bill, ‘Keep STEM Talent Act of 2019’ aims at removing unfair barriers for science, technology, engineering and maths-educated international students who […]

Mobile number portability now easier with eSIM

Mobile phone users may soon be able to change operators on a whim, thanks to embedded SIM, or eSIM cards. Telecom providers will be able to raise their game to retain users, say company executives and experts. What is an eSIM? eSIM is a digital SIM card. Its uses… Subscribers […]