Day: July 8, 2019

Union Budget 2019: Spending records & allocations

NEW DELHI: Comparison of budget estimate 2018-2019 with the revised estimate shows there were 34 ministries/departments that could not spend the money allocated to them. The total unspent money was 59,122 crore. Also, 44 ministries/departments saw spending exceed the amount allocated to them in last year’s budget by more than 1%. This […]

Alert! ATM Cardholders Must Know These Safety Measures

In today’s world, ATM-cum-debit cards and credit cards have made life easy. Because of wide acceptability of these cards for high volume transactions, people use them at petrol pumps, shopping merchants and online shopping. These cards provide convenience to many. Even those who are less tech-savvy can use the ATM-cum-debit […]