Day: March 15, 2021

Google makes small but useful change to Gmail

Google’s Gmail app is the leading email app in the world. But that doesn’t mean that the app is perfect. AndroidPolice discovered a change made to the Android version of Gmail that makes it easier to copy and paste an email address. With the change being made by Google, Android […]

How To Pay House Rent Using Credit Card?

Have you ever considered paying your rent with a credit card? We Indians have become accustomed to paying rent in cash or through NEFT/IMPS as the default payment method. This new way to pay rent can relieve some stress and enjoy some benefits. Credit cards have evolved into one of […]

Can I mute a Telegram group?

In recent times, Telegram has gained a lot of popularity because of the controversy over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. In January 2021, Telegram was the most downloaded app worldwide and crossed 500 million monthly active users. And with so many active users on the app, people might get messages in […]