4 new Aadhaar services available on the Umang app

4 new Aadhaar services available on the Umang app

The UMANG, also known as the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance, was introduced by the government to make it simpler to access numerous central, state, and local government services. The Umang app offers a variety of services, including those related to Aadhaar.

According to a recent tweet on the Umang app’s official Twitter account, “My Aadhaar on the UMANG App has added a new range of citizen-centric services! Get more information by downloading the UMANG App now; give a missed call to 97183-97183.”

The new services include:

Verify Aadhaar: Citizens can use this service to check status of Aadhaar

Check status of enrolment or update request

Verify Mobile and email registered with Aadhaar

Retrieve EID/Aadhaar number: Use this service to find out Aadhaar number or Enrollment ID (EID)

Aadhaar services that can be availed on Umang app

To avail these services users should log in to the Umang app with their Aadhaar registered mobile number.

Download Aadhaar

Generate Virtual ID

Authentication History

Offline e-KYC

Payment History Lock and unlock Biometrics

How to avail Aadhaar services on Umang App

Step 1: Login Umang after downloading from Play store
Step 2: Click on ‘MY Aadhaar’
Step 2: It requests that you link your Aadhaar.
Step 4: Enter the Aadhaar number, captcha code and click on send OTP
Step 5: Enter OTP and click Save.
Once you link your Aadhaar, you will be able to easily download Aadhaar, generate virtual ID, and other various services mentioned above without any hassle.

Source By: economictimes