Alert! Remove THIS app from phone and change Facebook password immediately

Alert! Remove THIS app from phone and change Facebook password immediately

Here’s an important update for Android phone users. Google has removed a dangerous app from its Play Store named Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools. This app was stealing people’s personal data and passing it on to hackers. Personal data, such as phone number, credit card information, what you searched for, your messages and such others were being passed on to hackers.

Of course, this app has been removed from the Google Play Store now, but millions of people have downloaded it before it was removed. So if your phone also has this app, then remove it immediately. Meaning you should immediately uninstall it.

Researchers have told that there is a Trojan in the form of FaceStealer in the Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools app, with the help of which fraud or scam can happen with the users.

How does this app steal data?

After downloading, when users open it, this app asks the user to log in with Facebook. Users enter their Facebook login and password. After this, the app takes the user to an unknown Russian server. Through this server, the user’s private data and password are hacked.

More than 1 lakh installs

According to Google Play Store, this app has been installed more than 1 lakh times. It simply means that many people are still using it. If you have downloaded this app knowingly or unknowingly, then remove it immediately. After deleting the app from your mobile do follow one more step and that is to change the password of your Facebook account.