Android Auto receives dual SIM support with latest update

Android Auto receives dual SIM support with latest update

Google announced dual SIM support for Android Auto in September this year. If you have a dual SIM Android smartphone then the feature allows you to choose from the SIM card options before making a call through Android Auto. The feature was not rolled out to users till now but as spotted by a Reddit user, the tech giant has finally added the feature with the latest update.

After installing the latest update, users receive a pop-up that lets them choose the SIM from which they want to make the call. Before the update, Android Auto used to automatically choose the default SIM even if the user has a dual SIM smartphone. According to the Reddit user u/abhi052091, the feature is available with the Android Auto app version 7.1.614554 and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Apart from this, the Android Auto now also allows you to play games right from the infotainment displays while you are parked. The games are provided by a HTML5 platform, GameSnacks, developed by Google’s Area 120. Few of these games were previously available to people who enrolled in the Android Auto beta program. As these are HTML5 based, you need to have an active internet connection to play these games.

In September, the company also announced that it is updating the driving mode on its AI based virtual assistant in Android smartphones. The update will let you access the new driving mode dashboard when you connect your phone to the car’s bluetooth or when you say “Hey Google, let’s drive”. According to the company, the new driving mode will show you basic glanceable, tappable cards that are available with a single tap. The mode will allow you to hear new messages when you say “Hey Google, turn on auto read”. You can also respond to any message using your voice.