Author: rajtechnews

Amazon’s Alexa Team Can Access Users’ Home Addresses

An Inc. team auditing Alexa users’ commands has access to location data and can, in some cases, easily find a customer’s home address, according to five employees familiar with the program. The team, spread across three continents, transcribes, annotates and analyzes a portion of the voice recordings picked up […]

How to do Driving Licence Renewal

In India, having a license alone is not enough as you need to renew or update one as soon as it expires. You can never really drive your vehicle on Indian roads without carrying one, as driving without a license is an offence in India. Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes […]

Now Visa application process easy like never before

The rising number in visa applications is a testimony to the increased outbound travel from India. The growth can be attributed to various reasons- low cost carriers, third party facilitators, increased accessibility and easier visa application, to name a few. The travel industry is anticipating a similar surge this upcoming […]