Bad News For 5G In India: 5G Launch, Trials Delayed Due To These Reasons

Bad News For 5G In India: 5G Launch, Trials Delayed Due To These Reasons

The implementation of the 5G network in India is likely to be delayed!

Jio already started a standalone 5G architecture for its trials, which included testing of the core and radio networks for peak speed, latency, and data loads. Airtel’s 5G trials in Gurugram in collaboration with communication service provider Ericsson, too happened months back.

The spectrum auctions for 5G will not take place any time soon as telecom companies have requested an extension of the spectrum auctions until May 2022 from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

Delay In The Rollout Of The 5G Network In India

The article also cited a source who stated that there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of spectrum availability and quantum. He was quoted as saying that the defence and ISRO needed to give up a lot of spectrum.

The Indian Ministry of Defence owns a spectrum in the 3300-3400 MHz range, whereas ISRO owns bandwidth in the 3400-3425 MHz areas.

According to the survey, telcos have deemed the present price for the typical size of spectrum required to build 5G to be prohibitively expensive. 100 Mhz of 5G spectrum in the 3.3-3.6 GHz range would be required for implementation.

According to reports, TRAI is talking with stakeholders before sending the documents to the telecom department, which would have them verified by the Digital Communications Commission.

5G Trials In The Country

The DOT permitted telcos to conduct six-month 5G testing in the country earlier this year in May.

The testing lasted two months and each eligible TSP will also be required to undertake trials in rural and semi-urban settings in addition to urban settings, according to the agency.