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Could your Google Home leak your location to hackers?

Google is preparing to plug a potential privacy leak with its Google Home smart speakers and Chromecast television devices that could reveal your location. The vulnerability was discovered by the Tripwire security firm. Researcher Craig Young blogged that the problem stems from fundamental design choices that he says are prevalent among Internet […]

How to Create Your Own Custom Alexa Skills

Your Amazon Echo device is already pretty customizable in terms of what skills you add to it. What you may not realize is if you don’t find a skill out there that’s quite what you’re looking for, you can actually make your own using Alexa’s Skill Blueprints. As the name […]

AT&T to give free TV service to unlimited plans customers

AT&T completed its $85 billion purchase of Time Warner earlier this week, and the carrier looks like it will waste no time in offering content from the media company to its smartphone subscribers. The CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, announced that the carrier’s unlimited data customers will be able to access a new and […]

7 Myths About Social Security

Social Security benefits are likely to be a big part of your retirement plan. Around 63 million Americans will receive approximately $1 trillion in benefits during 2018, according to the Social Security Administration. Yet understanding exactly how this program works, as well as the best time to start taking benefits, isn’t […]