Chromebook Users, Zoom May Stop Working On Your Device

Chromebook Users, Zoom May Stop Working On Your Device

Video conferencing app Zoom has shut it Chrome OS extension, according to a recent report. Now, users only have the option of the progressive web application (PWA) for Zoom that was launched for Chromebook users back in June this year. The progressive web app functions as a normal app, but the features are delivered over the web browser. The report from 9to5Google said that Zoom will now block users from joining a meeting from the Zoom Chrome OS app.

The original app has also been taken down from the Chrome Web Store, according to the report. It says that users are met with a notice saying “Zoom client must be upgraded to join this meeting” when they try to join a meeting from Zoom’s Chrome OS extension. Chrome OS users can download t he PWA from the web or the Google Play Store. According to the listing on the Google Play Store, the Zoom PWA is facing several issues at the moment. However, Chromebook users have no other option than this in order to keep using the popular video conferencing software.

Zoom had launched the Progressive Web App earlier this year in June. The PWA works like an Android app itself and offers all features and functions that the Zoom app does on other platforms. PWAs function like normal apps, but instead of performing all functions on the device, they do it over the web.

Zoom has not announced the discontinuation of the Chrome OS extension officially yet, but users are already experiencing the change.