Five things to remember while doing digital payments through UPI

Five things to remember while doing digital payments through UPI

From paying bills to booking a ticket, we all generally use UPI app, net banking in today’s world.

Not just that, we also transfer or receive money through these modes which make our lives easy and save our time a lot.

While digital payment modes have been a boon, cyber crimes are constantly increasing.

And fraudsters are looking at new ways to steal your money. The number of cyber crimes in India has increased rapidly in the last few years.

So, here are the things you should do to keep yourself safe from fraud while doing UPI payments.

1. Keep your UPI app updated

In order to keep yourself safe from cyber criminals, you should update your UPI app from time to time. With every update, companies give new features to enhance cyber security. In such a situation, always keep the UPI app updated.

2. Never Enter PIN for receiving payments

In any UPI app, no user is required to enter his/her PIN to receive money. So, be careful if someone is asking you to put your PIN while sending you money.

3. Beware of Fraud Calls

Cyber criminals do not just try to steal people’s money by sending links to them, but they also directly call users and ask them about their passwords, PINs etc.

Remember, banks do not ask for such details over calls. So, you should not fall into the trap of any such call.

4. Do not put PIN on any kind of link or request

These days, people receive tempting offers on mail and WhatsApp, especially during a festival season. Such links ask you to enter your PIN and other details to get the ‘prize’ or ‘cashback’. So, one should be cautious of such links and should not open them.

5. Create Strong Password

Set a strong PIN while registering for UPI service. Create a PIN that no one can guess easily. UPI PIN generally consists of four or six digits.