Google Chrome update: Get this or you could be in trouble

Google Chrome update: Get this or you could be in trouble

Google Chrome update: The latest Chrome M94 update will stop Chrome Sync feature for older versions of the browser. Here’s how to not lose your saved passwords and other stuff.

The newest Google Chrome update for PC could spell trouble for those who do not like to update their browsers. The latest Chrome M94 release notes reveal a disturbing situation for those people who still stuck on the older Chrome M48 version, especially those who keep all the passwords and bookmarks synced. The Chrome Sync function will not be available for older versions soon.

Google says that with the release of the Chrome M96 version on stable channels, users still stuck on Chrome 48 and older versions will not be able to sync their account details, saved passwords, bookmarks, and history. An update to the newer versions is highly recommended.

Chrome Sync to stop working on older versions

“As previously shared in the Chrome Enterprise release notes for M94, we’d like to inform anyone using Chrome Browser version M48 or lower that Chrome sync will be deprecated on these versions, and will no longer work once M96 launches on the stable channel. In order to continue to use Chrome sync please update your browser to Chrome version M49 or higher,” said Google in a Community page.

This means that if you have refrained from updating Google Chrome for years, now might be the time to hit that update button, especially as Chrome 96 is soon to release for commoners. The process, however, is easy and chances are that most of you may not need to do it manually.

Chrome usually updates itself automatically in the background and hence, it does not need any user intervention. If that’s the case, you must already be on Chrome 95. However, if your PC does not get connected to the Internet often, then the steps are easy.

How to update Google Chrome to version 95 and newer

– Open Google Chrome on your PC.

– On the top-right corner, you will see an orange notification mark suggesting the availability of an update.

– Click on it and the menu will show an option to update Google Chrome.

– Once the update is downloaded and installed, it will require you to restart Chrome to make it effective.