Google may soon end unlimited backups for WhatsApp users

Google may soon end unlimited backups for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that will offer more control to users over what is backed up to Google. While this is a good feature and allows users to control the backup size, the reason behind this may disappoint a lot of users.

Google Drive is currently the easiest way for WhatsApp users to backup their chats, images and videos for free without having to worry about storage limits. As per a WaBetaInfo report, this may change soon as Google may announce a limit for free backups.

Earlier this year, Google Photos ended free storage for photo backups for its users after offering the service for over six years.

As per the report, Google may offer a limited plan that will allow users to backup only 2000MB per user. In addition to this, the company may offer other paid options to users who wish to backup more.

The new ‘Manage backup size’ feature on WhatsApp will allow users to select the content they wish to backup and users will be able to see the amount of storage required to backup the selected content.

Here are the options that users will get while backing up content:

  • Include photos
  • Include audio
  • Include videos
  • Include documents
  • Include other media

Chat databases and user settings files will be automatically backed up and users will not be able to turn this off.

At the moment, neither Google nor WhatsApp have revealed any information about unlimited backups coming to an end. This is currently a rumor and we should know more about this in the coming days.



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