Got a new phone? Know these 5 essential tips on how to set up new smartphone

Got a new phone? Know these 5 essential tips on how to set up new smartphone

Have you recently bought a new smartphone? Well, then you must be wondering about how to set up the new smartphone! Whether it is an Android or an iPhone, every new smartphone requires you to spend a bit of time and effort so that it proves to be a great tool of communications for you. From the initial set-up, syncing contacts and media from your previous smartphone, to ensuring your new smartphone is protected, there’s a lot that you need to do. To help you out, and bring your new smartphone to life, we have laid out 5 essential tips. So, check out how to set up new smartphone below:

Activate your new smartphone

To get started with your new smartphone, activation is the first step. To start with, keep a few things in mind. Here are the steps to ensure a smooth activation process.

– First of all, turn off your old phone before activating your new smartphone.

– Ensure to fully charge your new phone before the activation process.

– Check for the SIM card tray. Remove it from your old phone and place it in the new phone.

– Do not forget to read the activation instructions that came with your new phone.

– Then, turn on your new phone and follow the onscreen instructions.

Transfer contacts and media

The most hectic and difficult task is to ensure that your media and contacts from the old phone reach the new phone without losing anything. If you are moving from an iPhone to iPhone, then it won’t be that difficult for you. Though, the easiest way to transfer your pictures, videos, contacts and files in any other devices is the Google drive.

Here’s how to use it for data transfer from old to new smartphone:

  • In your old smartphone, open the Google Drive
  • Now tap the menu icon, and then Settings.
  • Turn on the Auto Add option under Google Photos. It will backup your photos.
  • Now tap backup and reset. And then Google backup.
  • Now turn on Backup to Google Drive.
  • Ensure to verify your Google account.
  • Now, click on App Data and turn on Automatic restore.
  • In the Backup option, turn on Backup to Google Drive and tap on Back up now.
  • And it’s done!

Download previous apps

Another tiring task with a new smartphone is to check if you have downloaded all possible and important apps. This can be time consuming though. Though, backing up your old smartphone’s application can help you save time to at least know that you have all those apps that you were using for a long time. You can backup your apps similar to other media.

Sync your email accounts

Gmail is a necessity! You need your Gmail account to get started with your new smartphone. And syncing its data and emails to a new smartphone is important. You can sync with multiple web-based email accounts including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail. What all you need to do is just tap your phone’s email app and enter your login details. Though, you need to note that setup can vary based on which phone you are using…Read more>>