Income Tax: Why do You Need to File I-T Return? Learn From Saanp Seedi Game; Know More

Income Tax: Why do You Need to File I-T Return? Learn From Saanp Seedi Game; Know More

In a bid to spread tax literacy among children, the Income Tax department has recently launched a series of board games, puzzles and comic books for them so that they can easily learn how to do one of the most important things in life — filing taxes. The games, comic books and puzzles incorporate such characters and other features that are relatable to young kids, and which can help them in learning something important in a fun way. The initiative was launched by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman at Goa. In a series of tweets and videos on Monday, June 13, the Income Tax Department announced the launch of this initiative.

“Moving beyond text based literature, awareness seminars and workshops, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has adopted a novel approach to spread tax literacy through ‘learn by play’ methods. CBDT has brought out products to introduce concepts related to taxation, often perceived to be complicated, to high school students through board Games, puzzles and comics,” the PIB said in a press release dated Sunday, June 12.

Learn to File Taxes with Fun: See What’s There in Store

As mentioned earlier, the income tax department has introduced a number of board games, comics and puzzles to kickstart this initiative. These products will be initially distributed to schools through the network of Income Tax offices spread across India. A proposal to distribute these games through bookstores is also being worked out.

Learn to do Taxes While Playing Snakes, Ladders: This board game introduces good and bad habits in respect of tax events and financial transactions. The game is simple, intuitive and educational with good habits being rewarded through ladders and bad habits penalized by snakes, said the finance ministry in a press release.

Building India: This collaborative game introduces the concept of importance of paying taxes through the use of 50 memory cards based on infrastructure and social projects. The game aims to convey the message that taxation is collaborative in nature and not competitive.

Digital Comic Books: The Income Tax Department has collaborated with Lot Pot Comics to spread awareness about concepts of income and taxation among children and young adults. The messages are given by the popular cartoon characters of Motu-Patlu, through their “bone tickling” dialogues…Read More

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