Instagram Threads messaging app gets a new UI

Instagram Threads messaging app gets a new UI

Instagram’s standalone messaging app ‘Threads’ has been redesigned with updated navigation, and a Status tab. Instagram Threads also lets users post photos and videos to Instagram Story.

The new UI layout on Instagram Threads makes it easier for users to navigate on the app. There’s a navigation bar at the bottom of the app for Status, camera, and the inbox. This navigation bar will be a static one so users can easily switch between updating their Status, opening the camera or messaging friends on Threads. These icons are currently accessible on top of the app. Instagram Threads auto-updates Status based on the user’s location. It also lets users set their own Status on the app.

The navigation bar started rolling out globally to all users on November 19, according to a report by TechCrunch. Instagram Threads also now supports uploading photos and videos to Stories. Previously, the app let users post only to their Close Friends Story. Now it’s possible to do so from Threads to everyone else as well. This feature is already available on Threads but the navigation bar hasn’t reached users in India yet.

The new features come shortly after Instagram made a major change to Threads. First introduced as a messaging app meant only for “close” friends, Instagram made it possible to message everyone else on Threads. There’s now a tab for your Instagram Close Friends and another for everyone else. This change obviously contradicted the app’s whole idea of keeping the app exclusive for Close Friends.

The ability to post to Instagram Stories is another indicator of Threads losing its exclusive status. The changes are quite confusing since Instagram has something else going on with its Messenger integration. Instagram users can now message their Facebook friends and vice versa. It also brings features such as chat themes, reactions, and replies to Instagram.