iOS 15: Now you can make UPI payments with iPhone camera; here’s how

iOS 15: Now you can make UPI payments with iPhone camera; here’s how

New Delhi: With the release of iOS 15, Apple has added some extremely nice features to the camera app on iPhones. From better panorama features to text extraction from the camera viewfinder (LiveText), iOS 15’s camera has yet another significant feature: UPI payments.

This feature is only available to customers who use the UPI payments service, which is now available in ten more countries outside India. You no longer need to open your UPI app to scan a merchant’s or receiver’s QR code, since the task is now done by the camera. However, you must continue to use UPI payment apps to complete the transaction.

If you are a WhatsApp user, there is still a way to avoid downloading any dedicated UPI payment software entirely, as the chat app also supports UPI payments. Truecaller also accepts UPI payments, in addition to WhatsApp. When Apple Pay launches in India, users can also anticipate UPI payments to be supported by the company’s payment service.

In a few simple steps, you may have your iPhone camera relay payment instructions to your most recent UPI payment app if you want to use this recently announced capability in the iPhone’s camera.

1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

2. It should be pointed at a UPI payment QR code.

3. You’ll see a button with the name of your most recently used UPI Payment app as soon as your iPhone camera detects a UPI QR code in the viewfinder. Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, BHIM, or any other UPI app you use could be the culprit.Click on the button.

4. Camera” wants to open “Google Pay,” a pop-up will emerge (or another UPI app that you used most recently). Select ‘Open.’

5. The UPI app will then open and take you to the payment screen. It will have the same interface as when you scan a UPI QR code with the UPI payment app. Verify the receiver’s name, enter the amount, then, depending on your UPI app, select ‘Pay’ or ‘Next.’

6. After entering your UPI PIN, you will be taken to a payment confirmation page.