Kick illness away, here is how to clean your Phone, tablet

Kick illness away, here is how to clean your Phone, tablet

Cleaning your phone or tablet is easy, but doing it right is what matters the most. Which disinfectant should you use (or even do we need disinfectant?), what type of material of the cloth is required and how often should you clean it, and of course the main question, ‘what is the right way to clean it’? Here, find the all answers to your questions which will allay all your apprehensions

What type of cloth should be used while cleaning a phone or a tablet?

Your phone screen is as delicate as you think (that’s why a screen guard is required). To avoid any scratches, one should use a lint-free microfiber cloth. You should avoid using paper-based towels as they leave paper particles on your screen and can cause scratches.

Can normal disinfectant or sanitizers be used for cleaning?

Not at all! You should never use Window cleansers or harsh chemicals or cleaning solvents on your smartphones and tablets, it can harm your device. Additionally, never directly spray any solvents on your screens. Screens on the iPad and iPhone have special coating which can be wiped off if you use chemicals to clean the screen. Don’t worry! There are plenty of special cleansing solvents which can be used for the same purpose.

Device gets wet? Know if you can use a hair dryer to dry it.

Ever had your smartphone or tablet drenched in water? And then you thought of drying it with your hair dryer or with the traditional way to keep it under the uncooked rice? Don’t do this! Turn it off immediately and remove the battery if its removable. Let it dry and don’t unlock it until it gets completely dry, and most importantly never use a hair dryer. There are a few companies that also provide kits that claim to dry wet gadgets. The “Dry-All First Aid Kit” is one such kit that may be found on

How to clean your phone or tablet’s screen the right way?

– Turn off the device

– Wipe with the lint-free microfiber cloth from left to right and top to bottom.

– If required, use a drop of water or screen disinfectant to clean it.

– Wipe the screen again with the microfibre.