LIC pension holders: How to get digital life certificate based on Aadhaar

LIC pension holders: How to get digital life certificate based on Aadhaar

LIC pension holders! If you are yet to get and submit your digital life certificate, here’s how you can do it at the earliest. The central government has recently extended the deadline for pension holders to submit their digital life certificates by December 31, 2021. That leaves you with some time to get it done but you do not need to visit an LIC office or agent anymore to get it done. Instead, you can get it done by just a few steps.

LIC pension holders can get their digital life certificates done via their Aadhaar card from home. All you need is your smartphone and your Aadhaar card handy. The Life Insurance Corporation, or LIC, has announced an app called LIC Jeevan Saakshya, which is available on the Google Play store for Android users.

How to get digital life certificate via Aadhaar

The process requires you to download the LIC Jeevan Saakshya app on your Android smartphone and register with your details.

-Open the Google Play store on your Android phone and search for LIC Jeevan Saakshya app.

-Download the app and wait for its to install.

-Once installed, open it. You will have to keep your policy details and Aadhaar handy.

-The app will ask you enter all the details of your policy and the Aadhaar number.

-Next, you will have to take a selfie, or use a portrait photo of your as the photo to be used on the certificate.

-Now the Aadhaar verification process will begin. Wait for the OTP to arrive, input it in the box and tap on enter.

-Once you do all these steps, the app will show you an image of the digital life certificate.

-You can download the digital life certificate as a PDF and then submit it to the central government.

Note that the LIC Jeevan Saakshya app is not available for iPhone users. You will need an Android phone to get this done.