LPG Cylinders Get Marginally Cheaper. Here’s What You Have To Pay Now

LPG Cylinders Get Marginally Cheaper. Here’s What You Have To Pay Now

LPG cylinder prices were lowered this month. While the reduction in subsidised LPG cylinder prices was negligible, non-subsidised cylinder prices were reduced by 0.5 per cent, data from Indian Oil Corporationshowed. Indian Oil supplies LPG or cooking gas under brand Indane. With effect from May 1, subsidised LPG prices were at Rs. 491.21 per cylinder in Delhi, Rs. 494.23 per cylinder in Kolkata, Rs. 488.94 per cylinder in Mumbai and Rs. 479.42 per cylinder in Chennai, according to Indian Oil, the country’s largest fuel retailer. Non-subsidised LPG prices were at Rs. 650.5 per cylinder, Rs. 674 per cylinder, Rs. 623 per cylinder and Rs. 663 per cylinder.

Here are 5 things to know about LPG cylinder and other prices today:

1. Latest subsidised LPG prices are down 14 paise per cylinder in Delhi, 10 paise per litre in Kolkata and Mumbai each, and 2 paise per cylinder in Chennai, compared to the rates last month. Non-subsidised LPG prices have been reduced by Rs. 3 per cylinder in Delhi, Rs. 2 per cylinder in Kolkata and Mumbai each, and 50 paise per cylinder in Chennai.


2. Tuesday’s revision marks the fifth reduction in LPG prices so far this year. On a cumulative basis, subsidised LPG prices have come down by Rs. 4.2-4.48 per cylinder across Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Non-subsidised LPG prices have been cut by Rs. 92-96.5 per cylinder in the four metros during this period.

3. Every household in the country is entitled to 12 LPG cylinders (of 14.2 kg each) at subsidised rates in a year. These prices are known as subsidized LPG rates. Any requirement beyond that is to be purchased at market prices. These prices are known as non-subsidised LPG rates.
Subsidised LPG price per cylinder of 14.2 Kg (in Rs.)
May 1 April 1 December 1
Delhi 491.21 491.35 495.69
Kolkata 494.23 494.33 498.43
Mumbai 488.94 489.04 493.38
Chennai 479.42 479.44 483.69
Non-subsidised LPG price (in Rs.)
Delhi 650.5 653.5 747
Kolkata 674 676 766
Mumbai 623 625 719
Chennai 663 663.5 756
(Source: iocl.com)

4. Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana has provided 37 million women living below the poverty line with free LPG connections in two years, data released by the WHO showed, to support them to switch to clean household energy use. Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is a government-run scheme which aims to providing rural households with clean cooking fuel in the form of LPG.

5. Meanwhile, petrol and diesel rates were kept unchanged for an eighth day in a row. Petrol prices were at Rs. 74.63 per litre in Delhi, Rs. 77.32 per litre in Kolkata, Rs. 82.48 per cylinder in Mumbai and Rs. 77.43 per cylinder in Chennai, according to Indian Oil. Diesel prices were at Rs. 65.93 per litre, Rs. 68.63 per litre, Rs. 70.20 per litre and Rs. 69.56 per litre respectively.

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