Microsoft Edge Getting Shopping, Password Features: All details

Microsoft Edge Getting Shopping, Password Features: All details

Microsoft Edge browser is getting new password generator and shopping features ahead of the holiday season in many European countries and the US. Microsoft says new features are coming to both the desktop version and the Edge app for smartphones. The latest Edge v96 is getting a price-tracking tool that alerts users price changes of an item they recently viewed. The company’s proprietary search engine Bing is also becoming smarter to make the online shopping experience better. Smartphone users are advised to keep the latest version of the browser to enjoy new updates.

Starting with the price-tracking tool, Microsoft notes the feature is “coming soon” and will be built into the browser. The company, in a blog post, explains, “Microsoft Edge will let you know if any of the items you’ve recently looked at have changed in price. This eliminates having to check back on each product yourself, especially during the holidays when your online shopping list is probably very long.” The company price-tracking comes combined with other inbuilt Edge tools like price comparison and price history. The feature aims to help users save money and enhance their shopping experience.

Secondly, Microsoft Bing has also announced a partnership with Good On You, a platform that rates fashion brands based on their performance on a host of sustainability and social responsibility metrics. Similarly, Bing will now show users these ratings to help make a better decision before purchasing a product. The feature is live in the UK, and the availability details for other markets are yet to be shared. Moreover, Microsoft is finally bringing price comparisons and price history to the Android version of Edge with version 96.

Other notable features include efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge that reduces system resource usage like CPU and RAM, extending battery life. Microsoft is also taking inspiration from Apple and is now rolling privacy-oriented tools to help users protect their online identity. Microsoft Edge is getting a new generate passwords automatically tool, and the browser will help users change passwords easily if they’re compromised. Both password-change and generating features are still getting improved, the blog post notes.