Spotify is testing the option to edit playlist details on Android

Spotify is testing the option to edit playlist details on Android

Spotify has added a number of features to its platform in the past couple of weeks. The list includes features such as podcasts and stories to name a few. Now, word is that the music-streaming giant is planning to bring a new feature on its platform that will help its users customise their playlists better.

A number of Reddit users have spotted a new feature in the Spotify app on Android that enables them to edit their playlists. This not only includes the ability to remove songs and move them around but also the ability to edit the name of the playlist and its subtitle.


In addition to this, Spotify is also testing a feature that will enable users to edit the cover art of their playlist.

Users have reported spotting an ‘Edit Playlist’ on top of their playlists. Tapping on this option enables users to modify the above-mentioned aspects of a playlist. Notably, this feature to edit various aspects of a playlist has been spotted only on Spotify’s Android app and it remains to be seen if and when this feature arrives on the company’s iOS-based app.

Separately, Spotify has also been spotted testing an Instagram Stories-like feature. Except, in the case of Spotify, it is testing the feature with popular artists on its platform. This feature is visible to select users on Android and iOS.