These are the next ‘dangerous’ thing that WhatsApp, Facebook users in India must know

These are the next ‘dangerous’ thing that WhatsApp, Facebook users in India must know

Fake news and morphed photos are already a big problem for smartphone users in India. In recent times, the spread of misinformation mainly over WhatsApp and Facebook among other social media platforms have had dangerous consequences, in many cases instigating masses to become violent and even leading to lynching incidents across the country. While people are slowly learning to combat fake news in India, a new problem is here– deepfake videos. These videos use artificial intelligence to make fake videos appear real and make it difficult for viewers to identify them. For example, using deepfake techniques, someone can manipulate a video of an important personality to make it appear that it is the same person who is speaking or doing the act. As videos are generally considered to be a more credible form of information, the spread of deepfake videos on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms is the next big ‘danger’. Here’s why…

Deepfake videos are more powerful than fake news and can easily fool people
As videos sent over WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms are generally of low resolution, it becomes difficult to identify a fake video. While people are becoming increasingly aware about fake news, making them question what they read, deepfake videos are something that may appear more credible. This makes them a powerful tool for perpetrators.


Deepfake videos of influential leaders and activists can be used to spread misinformation
Using deepfake video tech, an influential leader can be made to say something in a so-called real video that can be exactly opposite to what he/she actually said.

Deepfake videos are hard to identify for the common man
As sophisticated tools based on artificial intelligence are used to create deepfake videos, it becomes very difficult for the common man to identify a fake video clip by just looking at it once.

Deepfake videos can be easily used to change what person is speaking

Deepfake videos if spread on social media via targeted advertising can make anyone believe any video that they see
Targeted advertising means making someone provide the exact piece of information that he or she is looking for online based on their search pattern. If deepfake videos are spread using targeted advertising on social media then it can make innocent internet users easily fall for misinformation.

If fake news and photos can make people violent, deepfake videos can make things worse
As videos are generally considered to be more credible than blog posts and images, deepfake videos have the power to easily mobilise masses into believing fake stories.

Deepfake videos can be used by bad actors to push lies to masses

Deepfake videos may lead to creation of realistic looking fake porn videos
As voyeurism continues to be a major problem with videos clips recorded on spy cameras ruling online porn websites, deepfake videos can make things worse by helping perpetrators add a personal angle to any porn video slip.

Deepfake videos can be used by stalkers to manipulate their victims


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