Twitter ‘blue tick’ verification live again after brief pause: All you need to know

Twitter ‘blue tick’ verification live again after brief pause: All you need to know

People can again seek verification for their accounts on Twitter. After the verification applications were paused for a week, Twitter has reopened taking verification applications from people. Eight days after the company made a formal announcement of the relaunch of the verification process on May 20, the verification applications were paused. Last month, the company had announced that it can take up to a few days or a few weeks to respond to the verification applications submitted by users.

The verification process, or application for getting blue tick badges on Twitter accounts is being done depending on the volume of applications Twitter is receiving. Therefore, it is not clear when users can expect a response from the company or if the timelines for a response have been changed after the pause and reopening.

For Twitter to verify an account, a user profile meets one of the six criteria that Twitter has set for recognition. These profile categories are listed as Government; Companies, brands, and organisations; News organisations and journalists; Entertainment; Sports and gaming; and Activists, organisers, and other influential individuals. Those belonging to these categories are allowed to submit their applications to the company for verification.

Apart from this, these profiles need to have complete information in terms of profile name, profile image, along with a confirmed email address or a phone number. Additionally, last month Twitter said that the account has to be active for at least six months for the company to consider giving a recognised blue badge. Also, users seeking verification should strictly adhere to the rules set by the social media platform. All other details have been provided in the verification policy set by the company.

It is to note that the profile verification feature on Twitter is not new and the platform had been recognising such accounts for long. However, because of some confusion over endorsements, Twitter had suspended it back in 2017.