Want to travel abroad? Here’s how you can link the Covid vaccine certificate with your passport

Want to travel abroad? Here’s how you can link the Covid vaccine certificate with your passport

It is worth noting that it is essential for you to have a valid passport to go outside the country’s border. The main condition for commuting anywhere in the era of Corona is to follow the Corona Guidelines, and another important document is your certificate of being vaccinated.

All countries have their own rules regarding traveling during Covid time. The central government had issued new guidelines regarding Covid-19 vaccination, according to which people going abroad for studies, jobs, or traveling should link the Covid-19 vaccination certificate with their passport. If you also want to go overseas in connection with any study or employment, you will also need it.

Here’s how to link your passport with your vaccination certificate by following these simple steps

STEP1: To link, first go to the cowin.gov.in website. Also Read – Omicron effect: How tech companies are preparing for the new COVID variant

STEP2: Log in here and select the option to raise an issue.

STEP3: After doing this, select the option of passport here.

STEP4: Here, select the person from the drop-down menu.

STEP5: After doing this, enter the passport number.

STEP6: Now, at last, enter all the details and submit.

STEP7: After doing this, you will get a new Covid-19 vaccination certificate with a passport link in a short time.

STEP8: You can download or save this new certificate and keep it.

To link the passport number in the vaccination certificate, the candidate’s details should be the same. Suppose your name is wrong in the certificate, then you can correct it by visiting its portal. But remember that here the option of changing the name is available only once, so you need to work very carefully.

While there are no globally set standards for vaccinated travelers, and most countries have their own rules. But one thing is clear that if you are not vaccinated, no international travel. Hence it makes it important for those planning to travel abroad to link their passport with the vaccine certificate.